Permits and Licenses


Name (Link to Form) Staff Email Fee
Animal License $3.00 fixed/ $10 not fixed
Open Records Request $0.25 per page/additional costs in form


Name (Link to Form) Staff Email Fee
Business License $5.00
Home Occupation $5.00
Peddler's License $35.00
Sales Tax License $5.00


Name (Link to Form) Staff Email Fee
Ball Field Rental None
Park Rules N/A N/A
Pavilion Reservation $25 fee/$25 deposit

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Please submit applications and permits for approval to If you have any questions please contact the clerk via e-mail or call 303-536-9311.

Additional Applications

Town Hall is currently updating our applications to have a standard, professional format. Expect the forms below to be revised in the coming months to reflect the forms in the tables above.
Backyard Chicken Permit

Building Permit  -  When a permit is required & Building FAQs

Electrical License Requirement

Overweight Vehicle Permit

Right of Way Use and Access Permit

Reroofing Requirements for Hudson

RV in Mobile Home Park Permit

Special Events Permit

Temporary Use Permit