The Planning Department provides information and assistance to residents, local businesses, and developers, administers the Chapter 16 of the Hudson Municipal Code (HMC), also called the Land Development Code (LDC), and its policies throughout the Town of Hudson, coordinates implementation of the Town's Comprehensive Plan through implementation of the LDC and other supplemental plans as well as through community input and participation.  The Planning Department also reviews individual applications for annexation, new development, redevelopment, land subdivision, site plan, rezoning, variances, and other land use processes addressed in the LDC.  The Planning Director also serves as staff liaison to the Planning Commission.


All development within Town limits must follow the applicable development processes prior to the issuance of permits for construction.  Annexation with initial zoning may be required if property does not lie within Town limits, refer also to the Annexation Guide linked below for more information.  

The Land Use Application and Submittal Requirements Checklist (as applicable) along with all applicable submittal requirements are required with any land use application submittal.  All land use and permit applications along with the associated submittal requirements are available on the Permits & Licenses page. The typical general development process is illustrated below.Typ Devt Process


The following Development Guides provide details, including additional requirements for:


Planning Director   

Jennifer Woods, AICP

Physical Address

50 South Beech St

Hudson, Colorado  80642

Mailing Address

P.O. Box 351

Hudson, Colorado 80642

Phone - (303) 536-9311     

Fax - (303) 536-4753

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