The Planning Department provides information and assistance to residents, local businesses, and developers, administers the Chapter 16 of the Hudson Municipal Code (HMC), also called the Land Development Code (LDC), and its policies throughout the Town of Hudson, coordinates implementation of the Town's Comprehensive Plan and Transportation Master Plan through implementation of the LDC as well as through community project planning.  The Planning Department also reviews individual applications for annexation, new development, redevelopment, land subdivision, site plan, rezoning, variances, and other land use processes addressed in the LDC.  The Planning Director also serves as staff liaison to the Planning Commission.


Static maps are available for download.  The types of maps range from zoning to snow plow routes, refer to the Maps page for all of the Town’s available maps. Another helpful mapping tool is the Weld County Interactive GIS Map containing property data as well as a wide variety of other information, such as town limits, addresses, special districts and roads to name a few, and data downloads.


All land use and permit applications are available on the Permits & Licenses page. The Land Use Application and Submittal Requirements Checklist (as applicable) along with all applicable submittal requirements are required with any land use application submittal.


The following Development Guides provide details, including additional requirements for:

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Comprehensive Plan?

The purpose of a Comprehensive Plan is to shape land use and transportation patterns, conserve natural resources, and create a great place to live and do business.  Additionally, Comprehensive Plans help to manage community growth through land use policy called the Future Land Use Plan.  


What is a Future Land Use Plan?
A Future Land Use Plan is a tool to guide future development. It identifies the types and locations of development that are preferred to be built in the future in a geographic region. The plan includes a map that visually shows the types and locations of the preferred development. The plan’s purpose is to help implement a shared vision of the physical land in the region. 

What are zoning districts? 
Zoning district designations determine how a parcel of land can legally be utilized and are specified in the Land Development Code (LDC) in Chapter 16 of the Hudson Municipal Code. Additional details on the zoning designations established in the Town of Hudson and the respective development standards can be found in the LDC and property zoning district designations can be found on the Town’s Zoning Map. 

What are development standards?

Development standards may differ between zoning districts and include, building setbacks, building heights.  The development standards for each zoning district can be found in Article 4 of the LDC.  Planned District (PD) zoning may be different than those standards specified in the LDC.  Please contact staff if the property resides in a PD for more information.

What is a setback? 

Per the LDC, a setback means a line that constitutes 1 side of a portion of a platted lot within which a structure may be constructed. Setback lines ensure that structures are set back some specified distance from property lines.

How are building setback measured? 

Setbacks are the minimum distance measured from the structure perpendicular to the property lines.


What is lot coverage?
Lot coverage is that portion of a legal lot that is covered by structures, typically expressed as a percentage. The footprints of all principal and accessory structures, including garages, carports, covered patios, and roofed porches, shall be summed and divided by the total lot area in order to calculate lot coverage.  

Where can I obtain property records?
The Weld County Clerk and Recorder is the official permanent record keeping entity for real estate records, including plats, annexations and other development-related agreements, in Weld County and its municipalities.  Records may be obtained online through EagleWeb or at the Weld County Recording Department.



Planning Director   

Jennifer Woods, AICP

Physical Address

50 South Beech St

Hudson, Colorado  80642

Mailing Address

P.O. Box 351

Hudson, Colorado 80642

Phone - (303) 536-9311     

Fax - (303) 536-4753